Press releases

News from the Test Area for Autonomous Driving

Start of Test Area for Autonomous Driving

Green light for the new project: The test area for autonomous driving has officially been launched / Minister of Transport Hermann hands over the funding agreement to the pro-ject consortium composed of research institutions and municipalities led by the FZI.

Karlsruhe becomes pioneer region

The Ministry of Transport follows the jury’s recommendation for the request of Karls-ruhe / Consortium composed of cities, research, and economy pleased with the deci-sion / Vehicle systems for automated and interconnected driving are to be tested and developed in the test area in Karlsruhe, Bruchsal, and Heilbronn, and the surrounding areas in real traffic / Great opportunity for Baden-Württemberg and Karlsruhe as location for innovation.

Karlsruhe Plans to Become Pioneer Region for Autonomous Driving

Karlsruhe seeks to play a leading role in connecting mobility and digitalisation. Under the leadership of the FZI Research Center for Information Technology ...