Press releases

Press releases from the test area for autonomous driving.

Please note: These texts are only available in German.

Ready for Mobility Concepts of the Future: Successful completion of the Baden-Württemberg Autonomous Driving Test Field

State provides 2.9 million euros in funding for design, construction, planning and expansion of TAF-BW / Over 200 km of mapped roads / 18 projects currently using the test field

Researchers of the FZI Develop an Autonomous Car Park Management in Karlsruhe

Electric vehicles of different degrees of automation shall be able to autonomously park in a car park in Karlsruhe. The maps of the area used in the project are available open source. The initiative is funded by the State of Baden-Württemberg with over EUR 400,000.

Start of Test Area for Autonomous Driving

Green light for the new project: The test area for autonomous driving has officially been launched / Minister of Transport Hermann hands over the funding agreement to the pro-ject consortium composed of research institutions and municipalities led by the FZI.

Karlsruhe becomes pioneer region

The Ministry of Transport follows the jury’s recommendation for the request of Karls-ruhe / Consortium composed of cities, research, and economy pleased with the deci-sion / Vehicle systems for automated and interconnected driving are to be tested and developed in the test area in Karlsruhe, Bruchsal, and Heilbronn, and the surrounding areas in real traffic / Great opportunity for Baden-Württemberg and Karlsruhe as location for innovation.

Karlsruhe Plans to Become Pioneer Region for Autonomous Driving

Karlsruhe seeks to play a leading role in connecting mobility and digitalisation. Under the leadership of the FZI Research Center for Information Technology ...